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Re: [Paul] opening links to new browser window
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Don't have inferiority complex, just because somebody suggested better solution, than yours!
I remember not more than a week ago you got mad with me because of how I spoke to you, so either practice what you preach or don't try to lecture me on how I should reply to you.

I was going mad with you, because you wrote this about my plugin without knowing anything the quality of my plugin in that thread: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=228033
The fact that you are "advertising" a plugin that is 8 months away from being released probably means infact it isn't the best solution at all :)
You forced me to defend myself, once you attacked me. Before you say, I was mad with you,
You should be more self-critical... and do not attack others.

Well that's not entirely true. It works with Internet Explorer. I was let to believe by Eliot that target="newwin" was cross browser compatible however it seems it doesn't work with Netscape or Phoenix, so I'm assuming Mozilla too.
I would not say that in your place. In fact IE v6.0 opens "newwin" in same new window for all clicks. Using "_blank" opens new windows for each click. Just tried it with IE6. And of course Mozilla, Netscape, etc, does the same way, too.

So your idea to use "newwin" was wrong, "_blank" is the good one. Why you can't accept that?

Best regards,

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