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Re: [steven1214] Using URL for email and Title as name
Doncha hate it when the answer is SO simple? I, too, have spent hours trying to make something work, and then discover that adding a tiny bit of code does the trick... Glad you found the answer; just gotta use the right search terms, huh?

Well, we're ALL learning here! Wink

-edit (after thinking...)

>>>This will still put the e-mail in the code, though. Going through jump.cgi will keep the address hidden. Maybe, in nph-build.cgi find sub build_url_index and change

print URL "$values[$db_key_pos]$db_delim$values[$db_url]\n";


print URL "$values[$db_key_pos]$db_delim$values[$db_contact_email]\n";

This MIGHT put the email info instead of the URL into the quick-lookup (url.db), and then no changes to jump.cgi would be required...

Maybe not...Unimpressed

aka PerlFlunkie

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