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Re: [carfac] RSS / XML Output for Ten Most Recent Postings
I'm not sure what you're after? Are you just looking for the last ten postings - or are you in search of xml? My website "engine" makes use of rss / xml feeds.

See this page:


The issue that gotze mentioned - invalid characters is a problem. I have not had time to fix it - bad characters will have to be stripped out. Unimpressed

I love a challenge. You always learn something along the way. Here is a start @ a hot_chop that will filter out "bad html":

sub {
my $post_message = shift;

$post_message=~ s/^\s*//; # leading spaces
$post_message=~ s/\s*$//; # trailing spaces
$post_message=~ s/\s+/ /g; # multiple spaces
# Strip HTML tags
$post_message=~ s(<[^>]*>)()g;
# Decode HTML encoded characters
$post_message=~ s(\&lt;) (<)g;
$post_message=~ s(\&gt;) (>)g;
$post_message=~ s(\&amp;) (&)g;

return substr($post_message,0,125);

I've gotten it started - do we need to add all these?



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