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Re: [pugdog] Configurable Main field, instead just using fixed URL field
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It would be just as easy to leave the URL as it is and ignore it. Everything will work as it is, without having to do massive code changes, bug fixes, and such.
I did this way. Wink
I also use URL in my classifies ad system, but URL is not the unique key, what distinguishes dupe records. ID is unique for each record. But the descriptions should be unique for a category or optionally for the whole site (also it may be possible, to even mark e.g. 80% similar descriptions as duplicate). And of course auto dupe checking depends on the config, can be turned on-off.
That's how it currently works on my site, which uses a very modified/customized Links 2.0.
I'm just adapting that working solution to Links SQL. So I talk about something that works, and I share my experience & suggestions in that subject.

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Validate Links, Duplicate, etc use the URL, since it's supposedly a UNIQUE identifier on the Internet, similar to a phone number or physical address (complete physical address).

The "key" field in the system is the ID, which is the "unique" record as far as MySQL is concerned.

But, for a "links" directory, the URL field is special. How many sites have the same physical name?
How many images have the same file name??
The only thing that differentiates them is the "URL" (physical location).
Validate Links requires URL? Nope. Validate Links can be anything that user suggests. Even a description about a homesite or a news item... Or I'm wrong?

Even the Link Status can be used for other goal than URL... Would mean a manual checking of e.g. news items, if they are good or bad for displaying on the site. Just an example and that's just hypothetic.
Well, Verify Links really sticks to URLs. That one can not be used for other task (at least I can not imagine now).

But as explained, Duplicate checking can be based on almost any field, depending what kind of project are you working on... (e.g. for an email database e-mail address must be the UNIQUE key).
The possibilities of Links SQL are almost infinite... I showed several examples in preceding thread, like news manager, content manager, classified ad manager. These are mainly text based and not URL based tasks...
Therefore the Main field idea could be implemented into the Duplicate checking to fit these needs (well I do not know, if that Main field idea could be used also on other functions, than Duplicate checking, but it may be possible).
I think several LSQL users (who use LSQL for a project for tasks like those I listed in the examples) would welcome this modification.

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