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Re: [Alex] Missing DATETIME table field type! Several database tables affected
Just compared a few database features on following URL:

You can see, that:
DATETIME type is implemented in MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and PostgreSQL. So they supports it.
Oracle also has DATETIME feature, but it is named as DATE type.

As stated on http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...nks-sql/features.htm page, Links SQL is supported on major SQL databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres or MySQL.
Basically all supported databases supports DATETIME. Oracle supports same functionality as DATETIME, but through DATE type. This can be handled through the database driver (or it is already handled by DBI, since Links SQL is based on DBI).

Alex, GT Staff, what do you think?
Could be possible to have DATETIME type implemented to Links SQL?

Best regards,

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