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Re: [soft2k] is it possible to protect admin.cgi being viewed from someone?
I just spent two hours trying to get that mod to work, without success.Pirate

I did some searching here for a fix, but didn't find one. Anyone out there know if there's a trick to it? I changed the form action to a full URL, which at least brought me a login screen, but it takes me to a 500 error page. The password and timer files are created, and timer has an entry, but password.txt remains empty, which is obviously a problem... Also, the ip logging writes a file like "12.345.678" in the admin directory; should it create a .txt, .db or a directory?

My error log shows me what should appear as an HTML error page (...not authorized...try again...), but no actual error. Old posts in these forums contain an unfortunately high number of dead links, and they're always the ones that sound like they can tell you just exactly what you need to know...Unsure

Sidenote... change everything in your data directory (except the hits and rates dirs) to chmod 600, which will keep others from being able to write to(or erase, or even read) the data inside. Correct? Oh, and make admin.cgi chmod 700, which will allow you (the owner) to read/write/execute, but block all others. I may be wrong about this...


ALSO, if you use the directory change thing posted above, you will need to go into the public cgi files (add, search, jump, etc) and where it says

require "/admin/links.cfg"; # Change this to full path to links.cfg if you have problems.

enter the FULL PATH to links.cfg, so in the above posted example it should be like:



Soft2k, I see I was writing this while you were writing your next post...


Yet another note, when you are promted to download a file, choose the view option, and it should open a little window that will contain an error message, giving a clue to what's wrong and where to look.

aka PerlFlunkie

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