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Re: [soft2k] is it possible to protect admin.cgi being viewed from someone?
Ok, I see where I made a boo-boo...

I'm only going to use URL examples, you can figure out the PATH from that. If your original location was

http://mysite.com/...inks/admin/admin.cgi and


then move the whole admin directory into a new directory, like so


but keep the public cgi (add, etc) the same as it was. I just tested this on a test-copy of links I have set up, and it worked ok. Be sure to check the directory permissions are OK (755).

The second link I posted above (cgi-resource.uk) includes this note about the mod, so it should work without .htaccess


Only use it if you can not have .htaccess files etc.. on your server. If you can use .htaccess then use that instead as it'll be more secure. This is not a complete secure solution so I take no responsibility if someone does break into your admin directory with this mod installed. However this is better than just leaving your admin directory unprotected.

Maybe using that mod AND the directory change will help with your situation...?

aka PerlFlunkie

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