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Re: [cfox] [iUNI] Editor Monitor Version 3.0.x

I have turned off private messaging on all the forums I visit except for my own, just because I do not have time to read all the messages I was getting.

Feel free to visit my support forum and I can give you access to the Editor and User Monitor areas. Just send me an email/pm after registration. (You can private message me on MacScripts)

There you can visit other users web sites, as well as mine (www.categories.ca) and see the plugins in live action. There are some screenshots in both the discussions here and on my forum for most of the plugins.

I do not maintain feature lists, as these change often. I do maintain a version and release information list for each plugin (also on my support forum).

Upgrades to future plugin releases (same plugin) are free.

The location of the support forum :


There is some additional information for Editor Monitor here also:

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