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Re: [Jag] Delete user error in 1.1.8 FR
Hi Jag,

It took me a while, but I managed to track down the problem to the "Block_PM" and "Block_User" plugins; for some reason, they create foreign keys to the User table to the effect that the User table knows it has foreign keys pointing to it from the Block_PM/Block_User tables, but when GT::SQL looks at those tables to try to find the relevant columns it can't find any, thus causing the error. I'm going to have to look around some more to figure out why those foreign key entries weren't in the def file to Block_User/Block_PM, but I've added them manually to your copy in order to fix this without having to uninstall those plugins.

For other people who are getting the same error, I've outlined the fix below:

You need to edit admin/defs/gforum_Block_User.def and .../gforum_Block_PM.def. In those files, look for

'fk' => {},

You need to change this to:

'fk' => { gforum_User => { blocker_user_id => 'user_id' } },

If it is already there (it may be on multiple lines, but will start with: 'fk' => {), you don't need to change anything.

Jason Rhinelander
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