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Re: [Wil] Why dymanic pages as opposed to HTMl?
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In fact, I'm sure that it's the most popular board on the net.

1. you meant the first locally installable software!
2. imho, simply no. google finds 1.5 Million phpBB boards, 1 million ikonboard installations, and a half a million UBB Forums.

it has been the most popular 'cause they where among the first, giving away a free board. and they "invented" the now standart "flat" view, the ubb codes, "["-markup-style.

and hey, look at this pic:


(beside, why not put on a img-ubb-tag? like the url, email, i tags..)

cu, Raphael.

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raphb: Nov 15, 2002, 4:58 AM

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