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datessearch plugin

I wrote a plugin for advanced datesearch (see attachment) but I cannot get it to work. It is hard to debug, because there is not much documentation available about writing plugins. I used the wizard to create it and used the XML plugin to copy some ideas.

Here is the problem: at the end of the subroutine, I added the line
$IN->param( "datesearch_debug" => 'hoi' );

As all input variables are passed as tags to the resulting template, I would expect the tag <%datesearch_debug%> to be replaced by hoi, but instead, I get the message that the tag is unknown. So it seems that my plugin (or at least the subroutine) is not executed at all.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Jasper


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jaspercram: Nov 5, 2002, 3:32 AM

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