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Re: [syswsb] Import error UBB6
That's strange... someone else was having a similar problem before. Can you try doing this: edit admin/GForum/Import/UBB.pm. Around line 661, you should see:
$DB->table('User')->insert({ user_username => 'gossamer_forum_import_temp_user', user_password => '', user_enabled => '0', user_status => ANONYMOUS, <more code here>
Could you: user_email => 'import@example.com' to the hash, so do something like:
$DB->table('User')->insert({ user_username => 'gossamer_forum_import_temp_user', user_password => '', user_email => 'import@example.com', user_enabled => '0', user_status => ANONYMOUS, <more code here>
Then rerun the import and let me know how it goes.


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