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Re: [Ian] [iUNI] User Monitor II - Released
Highlights of new features/fixes in Version 2:

* Added 'User Since' to the statistics readout for each user

* Added automated recording of user sign-up date. The date yyyy-mm-dd (based on your server's time) will be automatically recorded in your UM_UserSince column when a new user sucuessfully submits the sign-up form. Note: the new user will not show up in your statistics until they are validated (if you have this feature turned on) or they submit their validation code.

* Corrected the TopXUserRating tag to only show validated users

* Added automatic redirection to the user login form, when a user who is not logged in tries to access the user profile update form (umfprofile.cgi).

* Added the ability to turn on or off title in topx list with a plug-in option setting (Available from the plug-in options)

* Corrected issue with user reivews displayed on both static and dynamically created profile pages (Incorrect review ID)

* Added stage 1 of automated reward depositing with admin definable reward settings. Stage 1 includes:

UMSetttings Table
Login Depost: 1 <<NEW
Daily Login Deposit Limit: 3 << planned for future version
Validated Review Deposit: 5 << planned for future version (requires future version of Links SQL)
Validated Link Deposit: 5 <<NEW

* User profile images.

User image upload and display added.
Users have the ability to change image on profile update page. (Restrictions on image size not added in this version).

* User Directory

A user directory has been added. The user directory is template based (um_userlist.html) and is dynamically produced using um_userdir.cgi.

Users are NOT required to be logged in to see the user directory. Usernames in the list are hyperlinked to a dynamically created profile page by default, but can easily be changed by editing the template file (um_userlist.html).

User names with spaces are not allowed by default, but can easily be permitted by escaping the username in the hyperlink.

Pagination has been added.

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