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Feature request - Admin view of PM activity
This might be a bit touchy, but I would like to see some ability for the admin (not moderators) to take a look at a user's PM activity. How many have they sent, who have they sent to, and search content of same for key words.

With posted messages you can deal with the bad apples in a straight forward manner...but what about those bad apples who sign up, never post, and conduct their nefarious activities via private messages?

Such a feature would have the potential for abuse and would not be popular with users if known about. As a board admin you have to deal with some distasteful stuff unfortunately.

It would beat having to clunk around Enterprise Manager or the Gossamer query interface just to spank some abusive user...or rely on spotty user reports.

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ArmyAirForces: Sep 18, 2002, 2:11 PM

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