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Re: [kailew] No threaded view for guesrts by default?
Thanks!, I have been looking in on how to do this and here it is! Now, if you can go one step further, is there anyway we can create a variable to set when a guest first hits the category_list.html page so that we don't automatically keep setting him to expanded view?

Something like this:

<%unless current_user_forum_view %>
<%if guest_first_time_to_cat_list%>
----> set the guest_first_time_to_cat_list to zero <----
I don't know enough about session variables or how to set a variable but this would be the approach. Can anyone help out here? The guest session variable, guest_first_time_to_cat_list would have to default to non-zero somewhere. I'm guessing current_user_forum_view is only settable if you are registered user?

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