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Re: [Alex] 3 different languages and some fancy demands
Thank you Alex.
zorona.com looks great and was for sure a lot of work. The answers i found already in the forum are based on the questions from zorona.com's webmaster.

What I want to know specifically is:

Can i give the users the option to choose if they see only the english entries, the english plus the german entries or all three languages (and of course in any combination they like - like hungarian plus english but not german)

Than i would like to mark the languages with flags. Like if a homepage has all three languages, than there should go all three flags also. :-)

The idea basically behind that is that the directory does only displays homepages that are relavant for the user, so if a user doesn't understand hungarian why should he get his categories "messed" with hungarian entries that he doesn't understand.
But on the other side a person that understands all three languages can also choose to display all three in the same time so that he doesn't has to browse through different sections like at zorona.com

I hope that's somehow clear enough :-) Please tell me if this is possible with one database and in dynamic mode.


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