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wanted now: spider/bot to automate update process
I run links sql v2.0 with a database of some 30,000 links.

The directory is young and while direct submissions are rising, I'm still have to go out to other directories and use their listings to add to my directory.

That has to be done manually and takes a lot of time that would be better used elsewhere.

I absolutely need to automate this process and there has to be a way to do it!

what i need is a spider or bot or something that will go to a site url extract new links, then go to the new links for additional info(ie description) and put that information in my database for later editing.

Ideally the spider/bot needs to be time sensitive.... ie extra links from a certain date

and i could use it yesterday.

any questions?... just email sauron@telus.net or hit me up on ica 848616

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