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Re: [ryel01] Mail from and to same domain disappears
No it was not. I tested sending from the admin address though and it still quietly dropped it. It is doubtful anyone would add the admin email to their spam filter though. The problem is that since it just quietly drops the email and does not add it to the undeliverables section in the admin or bounce it back to the sender as having been blocked by a spam filter, the sender never knows that it did not go through and the receiver never knows it was sent - ok for real spam - but a problem if it really is not spam due to an improperly configured spam filter.

In my case, I think what happened is the user clicked the add to spam filter icon when they meant to click the add to address book icon (they are right next to each other) after getting my initial support email and thus never got any more of my subsequent emails.

What might be a cool feature for Gossamer guys to consider adding is an option for users to be able to choose what to do with email recieved that matches something in their spam filter. For example, send it to a "Bulk/Spam" folder for review or send it to their trash folder or automatically delete it as it does now.

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