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Re: [Reena0330] multiple file upload
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Is this correct?

Yes, that's right. Just make sure that DO NOT get rid of hidden objects.

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Also, What do I put in my modify form so that the files are displayed and can be deleted, or more files can be added?

If you want to customize the modify_form template instead of using <%HTML::generate_modify_form%> tag, then you should have a look at the HTML code below:
<form name="myform" action="db.cgi" method=post <%if enctype%><%enctype%><%endif%>>
<%if attachedfile%>
<a href="db.cgi?src=db&cn=attachedfile&do=download_file&id=<%primary_key%>&db=<%db%>&fname=<%attachedfile%>">download</a>
<a href="db.cgi?src=db&cn=attachedfile&do=view_file&id=<%primary_key%>&db=<%db%>&fname=<%attachedfile%>">view</a>
<input type=checkbox name="attachedfile_del" value="delete"> Delete<BR>
<input type=file name="attachedfile">

Hope that helps.



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