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Re: [Jagerman] New User Direct
Hi Jason,

Good info...

But what if I wanted to have a "message bar" at the top of the page (sticky posts) that contained a message reminding a person to fill it out till they actually did and then the message would change to whatever the message of the day is?

I understand the annoyance factor so making it a message rather than a redirect may be a better option but would require a special message bar (sticky note) per forum with a global variable (if new user with no profile data give link to edit user profile/if profile populated then show forum specific message/if no forum specific message show global message).

Or maybe even this option would be better:

If new user w/no profile population give link to update profile (line one)
If forum specific message available display it here (line two)
If global message available display it here (line three)

So all available messages would post in the sticky note. Cool

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Teambldr: Aug 26, 2002, 5:25 AM

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