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PrivatePostReply very important question for me

The code
<%if user_accept_privmsg%><a href="gforum.cgi?do=message_post_reply_write;post=<%post_id%>;<%hidden_query%>">Private Reply</a><%endif>
i change to
<%if user_accept_privmsg%><a href="gforum.cgi?do=message_post_reply_write;post=<%post_id%>;#<%post_num%><%hidden_query%>">Private Reply</a><%endif%>

send a private Message to the user

i make a copy of include_message_common_write.html

i change
<textarea name="msg_body" cols="<%if current_user_cols%><%current_user_cols%><%else%>60<%endif%>" rows="<%if current_user_rows%><%current_user_rows%><%else%>10<%endif%>" class="button" onChange="checkText(this)" onclick="checkText(this)" onFocus="checkText(this)" tabindex=4 wrap=soft>
Antwort auf deinen Beitrag: (url "gforum.cgi?post=<%post_id%>;#<%post_num%>")"<%parent_msg_subject%>"(/url)

The tag <%post_id%> is ok but
the tag <%post_num%> in in this template an Unknown Tag

how to make <%post_num%> in the template notedly

PS: i change in this post [] to () to display it

greeting hoefti
linktobuy Web Directory
Ratgeber Recht

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hoefti: Aug 22, 2002, 10:46 PM

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