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Re: [Teambldr] Attachment Plugin
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Can the link owner create a password protected link as well? Such as a download site? Just another thought!Cool

I knew you would ask that Wink. It's not possible at the moment, but if you buy the plugin for two of your sites, I could add it in.

The user could specify a password for a link, and people are asked for the password if the want to view/download the attachment. The user is responsible for giving out the password, but this would also mean that people would have to somehow get in contact with the link owner to get to know the password.

A different solution would be to allow the link owner to add registered users to a list of people who can download the attachment. This would be more work, but it would also be cleaner in a way. What would be the best solution: have a download list per link (such that if a user is on the list, they can download all attachments if the link), or per attachment?

Tell me more about the specific situation you would want to use this for.

EDIT: what would be easier is to set this up site-wide, i.e. the admin can have a list of which users may download attachments, or have a rule that only users with e.g. "hasPaid = yes" can download the attachments. This would be much (as in MUCH) easier than both the above.

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