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Re: [Ian] v2.0.1 Released
Hi Ian,

2 more ideas for EM!

1. Editor Reviews
Allow registered members to review an editors performance and post them to be seen in the editors profile section.
2. Editor Articles
Allow editors to create a newsletter article that is linked from the editor profile and can be included in the newsletter for the site as well.

EDIT: a third and forth one...Wink
3. Editor Ratings
Allow an editor to rate a site and show the editor rating on the sites detail page or within the link.html template.

4. Editor Featured Site
Allow the editor to choose one site per category as a featured listing for a calendar month. Upon choosing the site the "Editors' Featured Site" would show up on the link.html and detailed templates.

Just a thought!Cool

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Teambldr: Aug 16, 2002, 7:19 AM

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