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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Odd weather?
You had to go and embarass me didn't you?.....I guess I'm going to have to admit that I don't understand it, I can't even pronounce their names.

Myself and Evoir were discussing the teletubbies just the other day so it seems you have your finger on the pulse regarding the tastes of young men and women in the modern day.

Your intricate technique of trying to patronise me is also truly wonderful, you are a master of your craft, my sincere congratulations.

Now, I hope you don't mind but my poor little brain has run out of energy after trying to understand that website you kindly pointed out so I think it is time for me to get some rest.

I wonder, do you think if brains were dynamite you'd have enough to blow the wax out of your ears? (oops, pardon the pun again).

Nighty night.

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Paul: Aug 14, 2002, 3:57 PM

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