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Gmail 2.1.0 - User configure mailbox after the first login!
Hello Adrian!

After looking at some wonderful options that have been recently known to me, I came to the idea that it would be better if there is a check made after the first login or some how identifying a system how to get it done.

In my earlier post I have mentioned that Gmail declares unValidated users last logged in based on its join_time. Thats a wrong logic. My suggestion is as follows:

When a user is created, only the creation time is inserted in the user_join field AND 0000-00-00 in the user_last_login field. So, hence it is obvious through this system that the user did not yet login and gmail could therefore detect that the user did not yet login.

A clear advantage of this strategically is that it would then offer a possibility to go a step further and after a user logsin the first time, Gmail could actually enter the date out there AND present a configuration options page for that mail box. On this page a user could set options, like change passwords, remote emails, delete trash, etc, etc.

Make sense? I think it would be great.

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