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Re: [pugdog] How to highlight incorrectly filled form part?
Our observations are essentially that you are "doing it the hard way", and using methods we "fought" to get changed so we wouldn't have to keep doing it the hard way! We are trying to *SAVE* you time and effort, and frustration in the long run.
Thank you very much for your support and helpfulness!

You ask for help, and assistance, but the first help and assistance Paul and I gave you is to try to make you understand that the style or thinking you are using is *probably* not the best way to go about solving these problems.
I ask first, if anybody knows about an implemented solution for the problem. I got some idea from some people here, but basically I had to discover myself the hidden features, then develop my planned feature with *MINIMUM MODIFICATIONS* on duplicated code, while I try to keep the new code *COMPATIBLE* with the old one, and I improve the functionality.

Most of the programmers here do not think in terms of Links base code, but rather in terms of globals, functions, and hooks.
I also use globals, functions, and hooks... Oh yeah, and I do have to replace some core code parts because there is no other solution.

It's a way of thinking -- like OOP vs non-OOP. OOP has significant advantages, but there are those who say it's overkill, and unecessary.
That's interesing thing and I think you are right. I don't know OOP very well, and I'm still starting to get familiar with OOP.
It is very possible, that my solutions could be written more OOP friendly, so I would not need to duplicate core codes. In that case, when I will be more familiar with OOP, then I will rewrite those parts of my plugin. I'm always learning from my errors, faults, bugs, as all programmers do... So then I will release a bugfix release. But until that time, I do give my best knowledge to finish my plugins and make them bug free and user friendly. No matter what programming technique I used.

And, if you have rewritten replacements for hard-coded items in the modules, post them here for comment, and maybe Alex can incorporate them into the next release or bug fix as an enhancement.
The idea is good, but:
1) Most of these modifications are done to fit needs of my plugins, so they are not always the same what others would need.
2) If most of my main modifications are done in a basic function like "build_category", and I make it available for the public for free, then why I worked so much?
3) But there are some, which would be useful to released for the public. The release interval of LSQL is so rare, that I can not wait so much until the awaited feature will be appear in next release.
4) I contacted Alex through e-mail, but I still did not get answer for the cooperation offer, that we should cooperate together in improving the config system, the plugin system, and I offered that I would post my changes to the CVS of the LSQL or send the improved modules to GT to include to the core code of they like the changes. I never got answer to my offer...

I forgot to mention earlier, that I redesigned the URL treatment. It is a half finished development, which right now includes just the basic features for my needs. However if I do decide to finish it, I would be glad to allow including it in the core code of LSQL.
You can find our discussion with Alex about the change of URL generation here:
- URL generating thread (in the meanwhile I developed almost all features I asked, from 2. to 5. feature, except the 1st one, since it would need cooperation between Alex and me, but until not there is no cooperation...)

Pugdog, you are talking in general about LSQL developments but you did not suggested any alternate solution to core code duplication solution. Do you know alternate solution?
How would you do, to have all the error messages available separately like: "Telephone_error" or "Category_error" ?
EDIT: I mean available on add, modify pages

If you tell me alternate solution compared to my solution, then I will accept your point, not to duplicate core code.

Best regards,

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