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Re: [Paul] How to highlight incorrectly filled form part?
You are very sarcastic, and seems you make fun of me... Not a fair thing.

That defeats the purpose of a plugin. Overwriting core code is a bad idea for the people using the plugin and the person making the plugin. What happens if people with to uninstall the plugin. Will they be left with overwritten modules that they can't reverse?
You completely misunderstood my explanation.
The function replace means, the original code is untouched, the new features are added by plugin functions, which was duplicated from core code.
Please do not guess what my users will think about the plugin (or at least not so sarcastic way), the users will decide themself...

About "wheel re-invention"? I did not tell you that it is any kind of invention, but it is a new feature to Links SQL. This kind of error highlighting is used on several websites, except on LinksSQL powered websites. That's why I think this feature has place in LinksSQL, so I place in my plugin.

EDIT: By the way: I develop the plugins for primarily myself. The new features are implemented because I need them. The reason that I plan to release the plugins is, that I think others may also find these features useful. Any why do I plan to sell the plugins? Because I have a lot work in them.

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