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Re: [Ian] v2.0.1 Released

I have been receiving requests for a feature list, customer comments, screenshots and example websites using EM (as well as for my other plug-ins) since I made versions 1.

You have all heard the story about me not having a lot of time, and this week is a great example of this.

Anyways, I thought I would sneak this post in tonight, as I am going to make an effort to get a page up for each plug-in starting with a future version of EM.

You can see the work in progress for EM3 here: http://www.iuni.com/custom/EM/em3.html. While I have not even begun EM3 (EM2 has only just been released), there is nothing like planning ahead, maybe my feature list on this page will become a todo listAngelic.

What I would really appreciate from anyone or a couple of people even is something to put into my "customer comments" and "sites using EM" section. Just email me at iuni, or send a pm. Also one or two really cool screen shots would be nice. I am looking for a range of things to show, something other than just my site :)

I apologise for the site being quite basic (and containing errors) at this stage, but I am going to fix it all up later this week.

Thanks very much! Smile

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