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Re: [Paul] Honest opinion from a new customer
continual slating of their product (which you have done in about you last 20-25 posts) will not aid your situation.
It was not meant to be interpretted that way. I was and am only interested in getting my install out to a working level. I have been patiently waiting but even I am answerable to someone here. Well if talking about unattended to bugs is interpretted as slating or somethin "extra" then I do understand that there should be only expression of happy experiences. I shall take the first opportunity to PUBLICLY Say SOrry for all the UNINTENTIONAL slating (i never intended to mean the way it has been unfortunately interpreted), the day my happiness outweighs the unhappiness with the install.
I'd even go as far as to say that Brewt has probably read and akcnowleged the bugs you have reported and may have even fixed them "behind the scenes"...
I am sorry but i am still living with those bugs.
That comment generally comes from people who have been around GT a while and know how they operate.
I wish that it turns out to be a sweet experience for me. Hope so. I think I have that freedon at least.

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