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Re: [anup123] Honest opinion from a new customer
Alex and the staff generally don't like to get involved in threads like this unless they get out of hand but as ryel mentioned (and I mentioned via pm) just a continual slating of their product (which you have done in about you last 20-25 posts) will not aid your situation.

Reporting a bug is one thing, but reporting a bug with a few "extra" comments is not really necessary....yes you may be upset or angry but just dissuading people from using GMail certainly won't encourage GT to fall over themselves to help you, so basically you are just shooting yourself in the foot.

That's not to say they won't help though as they are a professional company and _do_ care about their reputation....I can definitely think of one other person who is extremely rude but Alex still bites his lip and is polite.

I'd even go as far as to say that Brewt has probably read and akcnowleged the bugs you have reported and may have even fixed them "behind the scenes"...I've often found this to be the case....you get no reply to your posts and assume no-one is listening to you and then a staff member will say they've fixed the bug for the next release.

I see that statement emnating quite often on this forum.

Very few have the cheek to accept the fact that it was a bad buisness decision and always carry that pretentious aura of satisfaction with what has been done.

That comment generally comes from people who have been around GT a while and know how they operate.

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