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Re: [ryel01] Honest opinion from a new customer
report bugs here and ask for help "whenever" you need it - it gets things fixed faster than a continous drone of moaning.

What does one do when help on things like Navigation Failure goes unheard for more than 10 days?
What happens when one learns that GM needs some tweaking (no deadline defined) to work with COURIER MTA (BCC Failure)?
What happens when I have a download which is not the same as what has been installed on server?
What happens when the ONUS is on me to prove the DIFF wrt the templates on certain functional issues?
What happens when support ticket is silenced after that Auto Respond Message

The other day Paul PMed (when I had to take the conversation offline) to adopt the "Soft Touch" attitude which would Tickle the "Guilt Feeling". I am being educated on how to get things done ... Thanx for all the suggestions. I am leaving no stone unturned.
wait for the stupid ones who put it straight into a live site to start screaming with problems (they'll come quickly!) - then apply the fixes offered, then go live.
Oh IC. Thank god I was not the one who installed the 2.1.0a version (because I couldn't have done so as I do not have that version). So it means My Server is being treated as Test Server for 2.1.0a version. Screaming always follows a polite request unattended to. Thats a natural human behaviour (for individuals with balls) and nothing can be more Stupid than drawing conclusions about stupidity of others who may not be stupid.

if the webmail breaks today, you'll still wake up tomorrow - and tomorrow you can fix it
Tomorrow never comes. its like ever elusive mirage! Thats what i have experienced when I found that my install is still incubating even after three weeks.
i've had gossamer mail since it's first release and am very happy with it - and GT as a business in terms of service etc. when i first purchased it, it was the only one I could find that had balls.
That depends whether the server setup is GMphyllic or GMPhobic. I had ofered access to server before I made a decision on payments and was told "...Nice Machine" The facts in finer print only come out after going thru the torturous ordeal post install (which incidently we did not do... I repeat that).
this message was not endorsed or paid for by GT - and I'm am not a staff member.

I see that statement emnating quite often on this forum.

Very few have the cheek to accept the fact that it was a bad buisness decision and always carry that pretentious aura of satisfaction with what has been done. I would possibly wait for sometime (in order to arrange few more dollars) and switch to another WebMail system for which i am negotiating on the final price. A consequence being severly biten by GM Bug.

To err is human, but it takes lot of courage to accept it. In fact it takes balls to accept it. We dont have Chapter 11's here to take shelter of like so many... and more so we are not playing with Public's money because it has been our first priority in running business that we have to be a Zero Debt company.

I wouldn't be afraid to accept that it was a bad decision on my part if i switch to another webmail service.


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