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Re: [brewt] Forwarding bug??
This is very similar to Anup's BCC bug. Once the email has been delivered to the catchall, when incoming.pl tries to figure out who the email's been sent to, it can't find out because the recipient isn't anywhere to be found in the headers

I tried a test only to see if it was similar to Anup's BCC bug. Two GM Domains involved. user@domain1 set to fwd message to user@domain2

user@domain2 sends a mail to user@domain1 . user@domain2 has the mail fwded by user@domain1 so it works...... May be I 'll have to test where the two domains are one GM the other non GM Or is it that the BCC bug has been taken care of (at leats for Courier ;-))

I'll have to check on the Looping when user@domain2 sets mailfwding to user@domain1.


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