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Re: [Dan Kaplan] misc. (and mostly minor) laundry list
I think I see what's happening on #11. It appears the admin areas are not properly set up to use the PHP templates. The email-add.txt form is being assembled from the 'default' directory, not 'default_php'. As such, I have no custom 'local' templates in that folder, so it uses the G-T default.

That's not by design, is it?? It would be quite counter-intuitive to have to build different templates for different locations just because you use the PHP front end...

I've noticed in the admin area that when going to Build > Templates (or) Globals, it always defaults to the Perl set (no option to change build_default_tpl to something else in the build options, as you can't build with the PHP ront end). It sort of feels like the PHP templates are not recognized by the Perl-centric admin area unless specifically told to do so. Seems like a few steps were left out in the PHP template selection options...

Edit: The email templates get prepared in Tools.pm's sub _validate_record{} and reference Links.pm's sub user_page{} which bases its template selection on build_default_tpl, which is a problem as mentioned above. Now if I can just figure out where configuration settings are stored, maybe I can try manually overriding build_default_tpl and see what happens...

Edit 2: Yikes, scratch that idea. I overlooked ConfigData.pm for some reason (duh), but see that's where the good stuff is stored. I tried changing build_default_tpl to 'default_php' but got the following error when visiting page.php:

No such template set: default_php

Now I'm thoroughly confused...


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Dan Kaplan: Jul 17, 2002, 6:36 PM

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