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Re: [Alex] Browser Folder Color Suggestion
Hi Alex,

I haven't given up on this one yet!

Let's say I have my own tag which returns true if there is an editor in the category which is being displayed: <%haseditor%>.

I then want to alter the function to display a different color folder if this is true:


* Returns HTML code that represents the
* folder which is being clicked to be selected.
function UnloadedNode_folderHtml()
var node_id = this.getId();
return '<a name="' + node_id + '" href="#" onClick="return parent.clickEvent(' +
"'" + 'UnloadedNode' + "', " +
"'" + 'select' + "', " +
node_id +
')"><img src="' +
<%if haseditor($node_id)%>NODE_EDITOR_BUTTON<%else%>NODE_UNSELECTED_BUTTON
<%endif%> +
'" border=0></a>';

The problem is passing the category/node_id to the perl funciton, I am not sure how to do this. I guess then I just need to define NODE_EDITOR_BUTTON as my new folder image.

Any plans to move the image references out of the .pm into the template? Or perhaps even better/easier, to modify the JFunction.pm to check to do the editor check and return a different color folder itself.



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