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Re: [afinlr] [PLUG-IN] USER MONITOR v1.0.0
Hi Laura,


My UM_UserSince column doesn't seem to be working - there are no entries

Hmmm, this is modeled after EM, for which this column is manually filled in. Thanks, I will add it in to make it auto.
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    Please can I have access to all the fields in my Users table in the profile page and the modify page?Smile I don't mind doing this if you don't have time, let me know. I don't want to work on it if you're fixing it already. I assume its not too complicated.

    I haved added the Name, and Password... you will be able to follow what I have done, so you can do the same for your custom fields if you like.


    Is the UM_Status field supposed to be blank? I assume this is for the admin to fill in?

    Yes, this is a custom field to use for what ever you like. It was borrowed from EM also... where you have different levels of Editor, you could do the same for your users... and base certain tags upon it. I just added it in, so everyone has the same thing (in case they might not no how to do one themselves). I have no actual plans of using this column than I can think of.

  • Did you upgrade to 1.1.0 yet?

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