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Re: [Ian] [PLUG-IN] USER MONITOR v1.0.0

Now that I have this working, I'm keen to get my profile pages up and running. So, a few points:
  • My UM_UserSince column doesn't seem to be working - there are no entries
  • Please can I have access to all the fields in my Users table in the profile page and the modify page?Smile I don't mind doing this if you don't have time, let me know. I don't want to work on it if you're fixing it already. I assume its not too complicated.
  • Is the UM_Status field supposed to be blank? I assume this is for the admin to fill in?
  • EDIT: Just remembered another! Please can we have the modify success page template based?

Thanks a lot Ian. This was a much needed plugin and will make a huge difference to my site.

And thanks for the tip Paul.

The UK High Street

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