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Re: [afinlr] [PLUG-IN] USER MONITOR v1.0.0
Hi Laura,

Perhaps a slight code change will do this... i'll have a look and post back shortly.Wink

EDIT: Good, my server just came back on.

This is how you can use the user.cgi to re-direct a user after login:

print qq~Location: $CFG->{db_cgi_url}/user.cgi?url=$CFG->{db_cgi_url}/em_signup.cgi?do=signup\n\n~;

So on your webpage try:

<a href="http://yoursite.co.uk/cgi-bin/user.cgi?url=http://www.yoursite.co.uk/users/profiles/<%Username%>.html">Login</a>

I am not sure if the <%Username%> tag is right... but the idea is there. Let me know if that does not work, I have not tried it.

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