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Re: [Dan Kaplan] Days_Old "plugin" hack
Ok, I'm a bit stumped on the category side of things. function _print_cat() sure looks like it is the place to make changes, but I don't see anything there related to $Has_New_Links... All it seems to put together is the category title and URL; surely I'm missing something???

edit: Oh wait, I think I partially see what's happening. Has_New_Links is a column in the Categories table, so that must be one of the $cat_r[] variables being passed straight through to subcategory.html. In that case, using Newest_Link is probably the step I was missing.

I slightly changed the above code to move the date calculations into a function. Makes no difference unless I can get the category side of things working (to share the calculations), but it looks cleaner. I'll post that version if I get somewhere with the categories...


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Dan Kaplan: Jul 10, 2002, 4:56 PM

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