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Tool Box : Custom Tags

At present the following tags are available:

<%Plugins::ToolBox::total_links%> => total links (validated + invalidated)
<%Plugins::ToolBox::total_cats%> => total categories
<%Plugins::ToolBox::total_users%> => total users
<%Plugins::ToolBox::total_editors%> => total editors assigned to categories
<%Plugins::ToolBox::total_reviews%> => total reviews (validated + invalidated)
<%Plugins::ToolBox::links_new%> => total new links
<%Plugins::ToolBox::untag('string')%> => pass this tag a text string, and it will return you the same minus any HTML Tags
There are more than these built in already... I just have not listed them. This is something I will add to after first release on an ongoing basis... soaking up loose tags and functions laying around... hopefully clean up many people's globals area ;-)

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