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WAP Template : bad Login Error

Testing the WAP section with PyWeb.com deckit etc will never reveal the errors. This is probably it has the inline html to wml conversion etc.

try this and you would still be able to get everything apparently ok


However, enter a wrong password and it gives "Bad login" error even on PyWeb which is understandable.

This is the same as entering everything ok on m3gate where again it gives "Bad Login" error (if this info could help)

However, a more rigid emulator would always reveal the Bad login error. Suprisingly in the debug it just doesn't give any error except just the "Bad Login Message" (which comes on PyWeb with wrong credentials)

So it seems that the WAP support isn't fully compatible with other emulators (just can't say ab phones).

Is there anyone who is running WAP support successfuly (not thru PyWEb because that can be deceptive).



Hey It Worked

Just removed the following from the login.htm

<setvar name="password" value=""/>

and it worked on m3gate

I am sure it will work on other stricter emulators also.......

Could GT staff comment on this coz i just did it by fluke....

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anup123: Jul 7, 2002, 5:50 PM

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