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[iUNI] User Monitor v1.0-1.1


Feature list coming soon. You get a pretty good idea from screen shots and discussions in the Editor Monitor -> User Monitor thread.


I debated whether or not to release this at all, but since I put in 50 hours or so modifying and redesigning it from EM, I thought I would post it anyways.

There is a possibility of this plug-in either in part or in total being soaked up by the upcoming Gossamer Community. I am not privy as to what is going to be released with this community program so I don't know to what extent it would affect this plug-in. If you wish to have a form of user tracking and profile pages this could be the short or long term solution, depending on what GT is bringing out. There will not be any refunds for any reason, so you will have to weigh up the potential life of this plug-in yourself. Because of this I am willing to offer this plug-in at only $35 (it was planned to be sold at $45).

If you wish to purchase it, please private message me.

This plug-in will only be offered for sale for a short period of time.

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