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It is still very early in the works. I was reading in a post somewhere that GT intend on increasing the Newsletter abilities in Links. So I don't want to do exactly the same thing.

What I am planning with this plug-in is something a little more specific, but give you some of the planned features right now!

I am tired of looking at the spam I get in my inbox, and thier newsletters, spam mail or whatever you want to call it, looks soooooo much better then the newsletter links is sending out!

Here is what I am looking at so far:
  • Template based newsletter. You drop in the tags, like date, username, top lists , whatever, and NewsletterPlus, automatically builds your newsletter with the click of a button. I already have this working on my own site (you may have even received a newsletter from it since you added your links to categories, the other day. This is done with ONE button click! hard work eh.
  • Full html Newsletter. I dislike the boring old text newsletter. GT::Mail supports html, so why not use it. Your spammers do, and it looks so much better (usually). For those whos mail programs don't support html email... just add in the little text message at the top of your newsletter template... have a look at the better looking newsletters you receive and see what they have done!
  • I have three functions at the moment:
    • View: this builds a newsletter and shows you it, without sending it out. Good for have a test look, or just admiring how good you newsletter looksWink
    • Test: this actually sends your newsletter to your email address only. Good for testing also.
    • Send: this sends the newsletter to everyone who has opted into your newsletter in your user database. Not as fancy as the Links option, in that you can make up your own mailing lists, but that is not the point of NewsletterPlus. Who knows, I may change this sometime to include more optioins.
  • Pull data from other plug-ins (mine or free ones). Like SearchLogger - for top X searches, Editor Monitor for top editors, Remote count for top lists. If you don't have these plugins, you simply wont be able to use this part of it.
  • Other handy tags to drop in which automate your newsletter.

If this all sounds like something you can do with the built in Newsletter anyways, then I don't know how to do it.... but my mass mailer does not work anyways, so thats how this one has come about.

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