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Re: [brewt] Missing files/directory in v2.1.1?
I just noticed a thread I already read the other day had the same question and answer ...


Winzip won't open install.dat for me. Looks like Alex's recommended upgrade approach will be best (I hadn't even noticed the bug fixes forum until now, no wonder I didn't see the upgrade "announcement").

Why not just default to putting page.php in whatever the user selects as the HTML build directory and set the include paths accordingly? That would remove all unnecessary steps for those using it, and would add no unnecessary steps for those not doing so.

I'm not sure yet if the PHP includes from within the cgi-bin will work (because of the directory missing), but my first guess is that it wouldn't. In which case, there are numerous extra steps in adjusting the include paths within the various /cgi-bin/admin/Links/PHP/*.inc.php scripts. Hopefully, that isn't the case...


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