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Re: [Ian] Testing layout
Editor Monitor - New Version - 1.1.0


Removed inbuilt font for the category read out on editor profile pages, allowing you to set what ever font you like for this. <font><tag></font>
Editor's categories on their profile pages showing a spill over of another editor's categories.
Updated documentation to include information on uninstalling EM.
Fixed EditorNotes tag which was producing an error.
Updated documentation to explain how to find and use plug-in options.
Removed about/docs from plugin module into a seperate html file

New Features

Added the Editor Profile Update interface and support system
TopX tag now automatically links the editor's name to their profile page
Added email notification of details when an editor updates their profile
Added option to turn off email notification


Upgrade from 1.0.6 is simple, as there are no changed table columns, only a new table. Just uninstall 1.0.6, select "no" when asked to removed tables. Then install 1.1.0.


The new file is in the private download area.

This version paves the way for editor applications and more. What happened to 1.0.7? There were enough changes in this version to make it a 1.1.0 I think! Enjoy.

Prior discussion related to this plug-in, including many suggestions for features underway can be found at:


I can see cutting and pasting background colors would be really good, but make a thread full of different colors a little harder to read.

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