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Add "You've got mail!" to your forum
Depending on your user's skill level - some people fail to realize that they have a message waiting for them. I added a quick line of code to add an audible greeting notifying them that they have mail:

<%if current_user_new_messages%> <embed src="http://www.yoursite.com/sounds/filename.wav" autostart=true hidden=true loop=false>

I originally added this to the include_header template, but you received the sound file - even after clicking on "messages" - because it loads the header and the "messages" page loads include_header.html ...

So, I inserted this in two places just under <%body_tag%>: category_view and forum_view

After using it for a while, I backed off of forum_view - they will hear it enough off of the main category view.

I also found a great site with neat wav files for mail:


Hope someone else finds benefit from this - I know my users have!

This feature could be jazzed up a little by a coder - just like avatars, people could select from a few messages in EDIT USER PROFILE - not upload their own, but select from multiple greatings.

Ideally, they hear the message once and are not bothered again, but hey - I want them to check their mail Blush!

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shiner: Jun 19, 2002, 12:58 PM

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