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Re: [Teambldr] [Plugin] Error_Jump
You are missing my point, i do support to pay the developers for their plugins, but i just dun like the case when Ian and Andy purposely leave in errors in the scripts then ask users to buy their errorless scripts! The other better option would be to just setup a demo of their true script for users to checkout then send users to purchase it! I also support the fact that developers should leave out their pay plugins from the GT admin area and setup a little area in their site where users can directly purchase it from them and receive supports there, like the way Ian is doing with his pay plugins, setup a forum for the pay customers! In case of Paul, i think he meant by removing from admin area, and move back to his site so users can obtain from him? So it don't limit users from buying it. It's sad for Brian because i guess he never like paying for them, that y he dun want Paul to move back his plugins! LOL!

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