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Error handler, and counter

I have two plug in ideas:

1- Error handler: a modification to jump.cgi where it will return a custom error page on our server if the requested page is dead or giving a 400,500 or any other error..

Then it will report that page to a table that the admin can review and delete or modify those sites..

basically its a major modification of Pugdog bad link plug in..

2- Sites Counter:

A way to track the number of hits any listed site generates through a Logo or icon that they place on that site... and links to their site dynamic detailed page on our database so each time that image is loaded a new hit will be counted..

Then will have a list of the top X number of sites with the highest traffic they have..

Another point is that the logo they will place will be the same for all sites but being tracked correctly depending on the site it comes from...

If that logo can be an actuall counter that will be even better so te users will have a counter and tracking logo on their site at the same time.

If I can get a quote on each or as a package..

Users plug In - Multi Search And Remote Search plug in - WebRing plug in - Muslims Directory

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