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Re: [brewt] Suggestion Again
when there is a huge chain mail, normally it would have about 100+ mail address added on the top saying where this mail has gone through till you recieve. ( i.e people keep forwarding a mail from friends to friends ) and therefore the mail size start to get large because of the size of mail address that is attach at the top of the mail. Is there a way of removing them automatically??

Also, just aonther suggestion, may be a mutiple email address at the same account??

This is a bit complicated and it may take some time to explain.. Smile

Everybody can register more than one email address in one account ( but they must be david@gmail.com and david@gmailspam.com ). So therefore they could keep one email address as online signning up. ( prevent spam ). And the one account could have more than one inbox page. May be this could be release as a plug in for some more money?? Smile

And this would allow people to have one bisiness mail and one for personal uses only... etc.

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