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When a user signs up in my forum the validation url comes out with a 'typo':

' user_validate '

is ' uservalidate '

so when a user trys to validate his sign he gets a 'no such action as ' uservalidate '

Is this something that I messed up in the .eml templates?

I just reinstalled the gt forum 1.5 from scratch. This is the line in the validation.eml :


so why is the "do=user_validate" coming out as " do=uservalidate " ?

Now I just tried to resign up in this forum and I got the same problem. Could it be my web mail provider? Crazy I know it works with a pop3 account, but I am having this problem on both my forum and this forum !

This is the url I got:


now 'uservalidate' is an invalid action. If you add the missing "_" (underscore) it works, but you can't have your users doing that !!!

How can we solve this problem?

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nt6: Jun 14, 2002, 3:33 AM

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