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Re: [Jagerman] Turning off the redirect?
Hmm 4am?...you can't be in work tommorrow surely :)

I just took a look in Convert.pm...not sure how you did it but you could use an if/else and make it a config option?
if ($CFG->{redirect_urls}) {
$eurl =~ s/&/&/g;
$eurl =~ s/;/&/g;
$eurl = "http://$eurl" unless $eurl =~ m{^\w+:};
$eurl = GT::CGI::escape($eurl);
qq|<a href="gforum.cgi?url=$eurl" target="_blank">$pre$url$post</a>|
else {
qq|<a href="$eurl" target="_blank">$pre$url$post</a>|

Or is it not as easy as that?

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Paul: Jun 6, 2002, 3:59 AM

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